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Baby Dragon Wall Hanging


Item collection 30e9a967 ca4c 4124 a5bf 907b7b7b78b0

Lace and Denim Embroidery Hoop


Item collection fea4694d 1c43 4b77 86c5 f1f08a73d2f6

Pretty N Pink Doily Wall Hanging


Item collection 97bede8a 97b0 4802 9c12 a84ce689c521

Fairy Configuration Boxes


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Irish Shadow Box


Item collection 794cffdc 40c8 43d4 af63 59c62ce40568

Fairy Canvas


Item collection f35d8870 26e2 4cb9 ba05 850f802896f8

Love Birds Canvas


Item collection 50f22cee 9cba 4665 ab89 4f724d65df26

Ballerina Decor


Item collection 14af32fd 65ad 40f8 8f42 6c94f1403a69

Shabby Chic Mason Jars


Item collection ef7f1d14 fed2 4c84 af4e 27e5c496216b

Shabby Chic Mason Jars


Item collection d9f60876 5b81 4591 972b d144c66721a3

In Bloom Altered Canvas


Item collection 71aaf70f 3c39 4765 8d37 f9702050caf0

Flapper Wall Hanging


Item collection d25b0db4 85e2 4a0d ae25 c7a1082cb47f

I Feel Pretty Lace Book


Item collection 162293d3 ad02 494a 9a85 ff5949c742d5

Hand Held Mirror


Item collection 874597eb 40b9 486a a748 a33d3ef30369

Fairy Altered Embroidery Hoop


Item collection 39094be9 313c 4657 9c16 76e21f880fb0

A Love Story Lace Book


Item collection 8d97f153 16e3 4ebe 9297 2e83690166d3

Shabby Chic Wall Art


Item collection b60b8279 eeb7 422d 9602 0cbc42da1c45

Fabric Covered Box


Item collection d2b07590 5d91 4bee ae4c c8a7b9be8017

Removable Composition Notebook Cover- Tilda


Item collection cdec2c57 d4e6 4f05 b6c7 68b33413b960

Fairy Shadow Box


Item collection 8e5ce9a3 e045 4f84 8029 3597fdb6bb8b

Bleeding Heart Canvas


Item collection 0ce7eead 9a8b 4dc8 85f9 91af8c707259

My Gypsy Life Canvas


Item collection acd5c7b5 f261 4d7c 9afb 85106a1a1896

Once Upon a Time Canvas


Item collection 4a09c167 ec79 440d abcf 5be36ec0b777

Casket Shadow Box


Item collection 91145270 28d3 438e 9b76 1f6a3aa988e5

Pink Heart Apron- Childs


Item collection 11c2ba11 486e 448e 9f4c 98378545d348

Cherish Canvas


Where my creativity is only limited by my imagination

Welcome to my Art Show. All of the pieces are hand made by me. Please have a look around and message us if you have any questions.